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"Stephanie's gifts are genuine as well as her pure intent to assist people in better understanding and knowing themselves from a higher perspective!!
You really have to experience this for yourself in order to know how unique and special her gifts are. 
I am blessed and honored to know her. She has a selfless, caring spirit and willingness in reflecting the light into this world that proves and shows itself through every word and everything she does."
- Carla Masterton
"I've had a few phone sessions with Stephanie and each one had their own breakthroughs.
She has a nice calming way about her and has helped me move through some challenges that have shifted in a positive way soon after we spoke.
She uses some very interesting techniques.
I am continuing with Stephanie and have begun the 90 Day Program"
-Tanya Allason
  Professional Organizer & Artist/Photographer
"Working with Stephanie was a transformative experience.  From the very first session together, Stephanie and I were able to identify issues I was facing and successfully solved them through 'Leadership By Heart' techniques.
I would recommend anyone anywhere to work with her as she is an excellent coach and amazing human being.
- Eirik Jerven Berger
  Studying at the University of Chicago
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